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World Champion Sean Rice!

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Sean seems stronger than ever and is winning everything these days in both flat and cracking conditions. And we´re in luck – Sean has enthusiastically agreed to participate in an exclusive panel interview on The panel is you and everybody who has a question you´d like to ask Sean. Simply send your questions for Sean in a message below this post, on the Facebook page

Everybody can take part in this interview and you´re free to ask Sean any question

I´ll meet with Sean in Oslo during his September 8th & 9th clinics and post his answers on the blog and the Facebook page

Get free expert advice while giving this wonderful sport more publicity


Sean Rice training in fantastic conditions, Mauritius


-What is a good interval session for fitness paddlers?

-What sort of monthly mileage are you doing?

-What will let an intermediate paddler take the Think UNO max out in wild conditions

-How important are gym workouts compared to bucket time? 

-Could you swap boats with any top 10 surfskier and still win?

-What’s up with prawn?

-How would you keep fit for surfskiing through an icy winter?

-Which is the best surfski run?

-What is your season goal this year?

-What is your 1.000m flat water record?




Sune Wendelboe

August 2014

19 Replies to “Sean Rice answers YOUR questions!”

  1. Your leg drive and hip position triggers much more boat roll (on flat water) that pretty much every other HP padder out there. What makes your stroke different? Why don’t other boats roll as much as yours?


  2. Would your aggressive technique be transferable to ordinary paddlers looking of fun and exercise or should we stick to lower strokes to remain stable and avoid injuries


  3. You´ve said on many occasions that you pad your skis. What sort of paddling do you use that doesn´t interfere with your very dramatic rotation? Also: do you kick so hard that your back is pressed agianst the bucket or do you use the foot straps to pull creating a push/pull force pair?


  4. I have tested the Think Uno Max only once on flat water. To me it seemed fairly stable – most primary, compared to other racing SS. If Think had come up with a ski with a little narrower and rounder water line, would you not be even faster?


  5. Hi Sean,
    Congratulations on your great summer of racing so far. I’ve got two questions. First, what angle do you set your paddle at?
    What kind of speeds would you average during your flat water training for a steady pace 10 km?



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