About Sune Wendelboe

I began this blog dedicated to the sport I really like in 2014. I live in Oslo, Norway with my family and manage a consulting engineering company http://www.moe-as.no.


Surfski is a new thing in Norway and not many have discovered it yet. But with more than 30.000 active paddlers and very cold to extremely cold waters the safety inherent to a surfski is a big part of the future for Scandinavian paddling. Buy shares now, I would.


I like to compare the surfski to a road racing bike and sea kayaks to heavy steel touring bikes with a lot of storage capacity and a much slower temper. Like the road racing bike a surfski is fast, it’s nice equipment, only takes a few hours and gets the pulse going. Then of course there’s a huge added bonus – downwind, even funnier than downhill.

In my spare time I work freelance for Getty Images and Lonely Planet as a travel photographer, see http://www.sunewendelboe.com . Recently I’ve discovered that this combines nicely with visiting surf ski destinations around the world.

So far I’ve been to the Mocke Paddling School in Fish Hoek, Surfski Centre Tarifa and Surfski Malta. I’m trying to figure out which surfski school I should visit next? Ideas are very welcome!

Paddling in Fish Hoek
Paddling in Fish Hoek

Sune Wendelboe / July 2014


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